The Front Row is now open

A few spots are open. Access is via application only.

Imagine an exclusive community of Muslim men that...

  • Focuses exclusively on helping Muslim men become high-impact men of action, earn the respect of those around them and get more out of life
  • ​​​Where everybody is aligned towards the same goal: high-performance, success in the dunya and the akhirah
  • ​Where we're all on a mission to destroy procrastination, inconsistent action-taking, loneliness and a lack of drive
  • ​​​Where the focus is on taking real action and collaboration with like-minded Muslim men (not long boring videos)
  • ​​​That feels like hanging out with friends (but with real-life results)
  • ​Using the best expert secrets, daily accountability, an Islamic perspective and the power of elite brotherhood
  • To turn the levels up in finances, worship, health and marriage
  • ​That's run by Ameen Omar, successful online entrepreneur, coach and author